About us

PlanterGarden is run by a qualified horticulturalist and is an accredited online nursery with the Plant Life Balance app. We deliver quality indoor, office and balcony plants plus pots and herb planters to most Melbourne suburbs. Delivery cost is $15 per order. Minimum order for delivery is $30, with orders over $100 delivered free.


It's not so hard to have a green thumb

"I'm such a bad gardener I could kill a plastic plant." OK, so we made up that quote, but it's the sort of thing we hear all the time. Some people believe they are born plant-killers, but we want to prove them wrong with our quality indoor/office plants. 

Fresh ideas for small spaces

The idea of growing food can seem daunting if you don't have a big garden. But self-watering containers and quality potting mix make it easy to grow herbs or salad as long as you've got a spot that gets at least a few hours of sun a day.


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Herald Sun Home magazine