PlanterGarden's guide to indoor plants

  1. Buy quality professionally-grown plants. That "market special" may be a bargain, or it may carry pests and diseases you didn't notice when you bought it.
  2. Get the right pot or planter. The container is crucial for potted plants, especially thirsty species that can die in a few days without enough moisture. Self-watering containers are a great option for many plants, but don't suit cactus and other plants that hate "wet feet". Terracotta pots can work for plants such as lavender or rosemary, but are porous and dry out quickly if not sealed.
  3. Read the label! Following the simple advice on that little tag attached your new indoor plant may just save its life.
  4. Find the right spot. Some indoor plants will tolerate less-than-ideal conditions, but why put them where they won’t thrive? Flowering plants struggle to bloom in poor light.
  5. Use quality potting mix. Garden soil or cheap potting mix are a bad choice when repotting a plant. Many potting mixes include fertiliser, but that lasts for months, not years, and eventually must be replaced.
  6. Water appropriately. Too much water can be just as bad for some plants as too little. The plant’s label is a good guide, but you must also consider where your plant is positioned. It's best to water evenly into the pot until water flows from the drainage holes. This helps flush out waste fertiliser salts (that white stuff you often see around the bottom of pots).
  7. Don't waste money on high-maintenance plants if you're not interested in looking after them.  Cactus, succulents and Cast Iron Plant are among the easy-care plants available. 

Pot sizes

Plants are usually sold according to the size of the pot they are in, not the size of the plant. Pots are sized by diameter - a 20cm pot is that wide across the top rim.

Cover or cache pots usually need to be at least 1cm bigger than the pot the plant is growing, but PlanterGarden's 12cm, 19cm, 24cm and 27cm plants fit our cover pots of the same size. Cover pots are made without holes to provide an attractive leak-proof container to drop a grower's pot into.

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Plants and pots delivered to your doorstep sounds like a horticultural dream come true. PlanterGarden is an exciting new business delivering indoor, office and balcony plants, along with pots an herb planters, throughout Melbourne. Choose from a vast and verdant selection online, or email the creator, Gary McGregor, for some advice. A minimum order for delivery is $40, with a delivery fee of $10 (orders more than $100 are delivered free).

- Herald Sun Home magazine, April 16, 2016

Indoor plants that are hard to kill

PlanterGarden's Gary McGregor has given a few ideas on the best indoors plants for those with black thumbs. Check it out at


Ordering a plant as a gift? Now you can easily add a message to go with your order. Simply write your gift note where indicated when you reach checkout and PlanterGarden will ensure it is delivered with your plant, pot or planter. And if it's a gift, we will remove the price from the invoice.