Indoor plants hot for a steamy bathroom

PlanterGarden horticulturalist Gary McGregor has featured in an article about bathroom plants in Melboune's Herald Sun (Saturday, January 28, 2017).

We won't reproduce the whole thing, but here are some of the main points:

* Many indoor plants originate in the tropics, so steamy bathrooms can be an ideal environment.

* Rooms that let in low-medium light are usually ideal. Beware rooms with windows facing north or west, particularly if they get very hot in summer.

* Moth orchid, peace lily, fiddle leaf fig, Boston fern, devil's ivy (pothos) and lucky bamboo are plants worth considering for your bathroom.

* Light and how much room you have are major considerations. Windowsills, shelves, hanging baskets and the floor can all be good positions as long as your plants are not in danger of being knocked over.

* Although bathrooms often have moisture in the air, any plants in the room still need regular watering.

* Take care if you have inquisitive kids or pets who may be attracted to the plants. Devil's ivy, swiss cheese plant (monstera) and syngonium are among plants that are moderately toxic if eaten.