Relax, your plants will survive your holiday

Flights and accommodation are booked, the dog's off to a kennel and that long-anticipated break is all you can think of.

But wait, who is going to look after your beloved plants?

Except in hot weather, your outdoor garden can probably look after itself for a week or two, but potted plants are a different matter.

The ideal solution is to ask a green-thumbed friend or relative to swing by occasionally. But  failing that, a little planning may be required.

In hot weather you can use the old bathroom solution and group your pot plants together in the tub or shower and give them a good watering. You can put in the plug and leave a little water in the tub for them to soak up later.

This is a great option for Peace lilies, ferns and other thirsty plants, but don’t leave plants such as succulents sitting in water for too long.

Self-watering pots are another option, but it’s best to have the plants established in the pot well before your holiday so you can check they are thriving.

In cold weather it’s vital that the plants are not suddenly left to freeze if heating is turned off while you are away.