My word, this is one out of the Gogglebox

As much as we love Gardening Australia, it's rarely been a barrel of laughs.

But that all changed when Channel Ten's Gogglebox zoomed in on some of the ABC show's segments.

First Gardening Australia’s Queensland presenter Jerry Coleby-Williams decided to explain his love of pantyhose (for gardening purposes only, of course), much to the delight of the armchair critics.

But it was WA presenter Josh Byrne who really had them in stitches when he decided to explain the meaning of the word fecund, which is obviously a fertile comedy topic.

Then, just when you thought it was back to planting and pruning tips, came the item on peonies. Needless to say, the Goggleboxers were more interested in the sound of the word than the beauty of the blooms and nearly fell off their couches as they rolled about laughing.

And be sure to watch the video clip all the way to the end, because apparently elongated pumpkins are also hilarious. Oh, gourd.